"Jazzman J-01X is made to order system. It will be delivered after 30 days from your order"

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Features of Jazzman J-01X

1. Just listen! You will soon understand the natural low sound entirely different from the traditional speaker.
2. Because “the sound of reversed phase from front and back of the diaphragm can be heard without denying”, clear low sound is reproduced as if you are in the live concert hall.

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1Please book ahead by the shopping cart. Payment only PayPal.
Shipping is from Tokyo Japan

to Asia 100
to India/Australia130
to USA/Canada140
to Brazil150
to Eu130
to Arab/Other200
2 Pay by paypal system, to my mail adress jazzman@day-planet.com.
3After confirming the payment, we start production and tell you the delivery date.

jazzman J-01X Stereo Pair Set $2,100 ; Quantity  

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